Compact, Modular and Portable,
Water Treatment Plants.

A reliable and safe solution for potable water production

Uruguay has a population of 3.3 million people, and OSE has been doing a job that has permitted achieved a coverage of 98% of population for drinking water supply and waste water services.

OSE serves the Uruguayan population year round, 24 hours a day, through approximately a million connections to an excellent quality drinking water distribution net.

The services have contributed to eradicate epidemic and diseases caused by water transmission. Uruguay is the only country in Latin America that was not affected by epidemic Cholera that took place between the years of 1991 and 2000.

The success is due to the use of UPAs units operation and because of that use, treated water volume has increased by 53%. 

This utility unit UPA was developed by the Public Sanitary Works (Obras Sanitarias del Estado – OSE) technician’s in a joint effort with the Uruguayan National Army. 
Nowadays there are 112 running units in Uruguay as well as in Venezuela and a hundred more in Central America, South America, Asia and Africa.

The Water Potabilization Unit (UPA) is a transportable plant which includes all the traditional processes: coagulation-flocculation, laminar sedimentation, high-rate filtration, disinfection, adsorption (optional) and pH correction.

It is an effective and reliable water treatment plant which deals with a wide range of raw water qualities.

Functional Versatility - Some of its applications
  • Reduction or elimination, both in the medium and short term, the problems caused by a deficit of production (quantity and quality) in drinking water supply services.
  • To developed, in very short terms, safe potable water production projects and work programs for a country, region or a group of small villages.
  • Improvement of potable water qualities’ in existing plants, mixing properly potable water produced from an UPA unit and the water produced by a conventional potabilization unit.
  • Replacing the conventional treatment units (sedimentation and flocculation basins, filters, etc), to be able to perform in these units rehabilitations and reconstructions’ optimizations. While this process improves, the UPA unit continues to produce potable water, thus avoiding investments in engineering projects and civil works resources.
  • Increase the total production capacity in existing potabilizations plants.
  • Increase the flexibility of the safe potable water production systems, combined with different water sources (ground and surface water).
  • Implement of UPA units in places where a lack of existing public water supply systems is present or deficient.
  • Replacing totally or partially the existing systems, we apply the solution for quality water problems, particularly as for perforation with a high level of nitrates or chlorides.
Flow rates (m3/hr)
Weight (ton) Dimension
Width (m) Long. (m) Height (m)
UPA 200T 20 6 External 1,74  6,24 2,51
UPA 200FD  40 Internal  1,50 6,00  2,50
UPA 1000T  70 25 External  3,10  12,18   3,26
UPA 1000FD 120 Internal  2,75 11,76   3,00
UPA 2000T  140 40 External  3,90 18,40  3,26
UPA 2000FD  250 Internal 3,50  18,00  3,00

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Conventional Plant Adaptability            

This is a conventional Plant which includes all the traditional process: oxygenation (optional), coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection.


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Perfect adjustment to markets and technological conditions of developing countries; the plant is perfectly fit for markets and technological conditions because of its easy-to-operate system and minimum maintenance cost. More than 120 plants have been installed and operated in Uruguay as well as in Venezuela and 100 more plants in Central America, South America, Africa and Asia. With a wide range of versatility and proven reliability it can easily adapt to a different types of raw water.


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OSE`s technical support and know-how Advantages                                                  

OSE (Public Sanitary Works), a company with over 50 years of experience in the production, distribution, commercialization and management of potable water supply in the Republic of Uruguay, provides us the institutional support and know-how.
This organization has 5.000 employees and cover the needs of 98% of the population (3:160.000 inhabits and 1:500.00 tourists).
All of the above place us in a position to offer a complete solutions related to potable water supply.

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Uruguayan’s Government Guarantee.

UPA units are guaranteed by the Uruguayan Government and have the institutional support of the Administration of Public Sanitary Works – OSE



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Modularity and investment optimization    

This unit allows the modularity and investment optimization in time, by meeting the estimated demand through parallel-connected plants.
It also allows geographical relocation and investment mobility.

UPA unit is a standardized design utility model regarding the design, production, installation, operation and maintenance.

This enables to acquire maximum results in extreme conditions.


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UPAs weight and external dimensions are adapted to the use of International means of transports by land, sea and air.


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Quick set up - Minimum maintenance costs

Since its conception, UPAs units were designed in stainless steel, having as a main goal to obtain maximum results with minimum cost, being able to apply in sanitary emergency situations.

This idea was applied in Latin America’s countries who had suffered natural disasters causing serious damage to the potable water systems. These units have been installed in different countries proving the model versatility and utility in extreme conditions.

With a fast installation and performance, the relocation of the plant and its components, make it especially suitable for short-term set-up and start-up (less than 7days), either temporarily or permanently, as needed.

The results have been recognized by the receptors communities, by the Governments and by the International Organizations such as Pan-American Health Organization and United Nations.

UPA units’ model is a part of the Uruguayan Army peacekeeping mission in Haiti and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Over the past ten years there have been installed UPA plants in these countries, being that the appropriate solution as for their technological conditions. Nowadays there are 10 plants installed providing safe drinking water to the UN peacekeeping soldiers in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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